August 2016 tour postponed to 2nd half of 2017 - Updates to follow



AVIATION ADVENTURES strives to organise a great variety of flights aimed at the aviation enthusiast. Our mission is to fly interesting aircraft you do not easily fly on your everyday travel.


The last two years we have organized adventures on classic BizJets, Propliners, Warbirds, Turboprops and Helicopters. Highlights include Gulfstream III, Hawker-Siddeley 125, Douglas DC-4, Beech 18, Bell 222, Huey, Harvards and many more.


If you would like to see more pictures or videos of our adventures, then connect with us on all our social media platforms.


2017 Tour

Our most recent Tour - Oct 2015

Future - USA Bizjet Tour

Including Douglas DC-3/DC-4, Beech 18, Harvards, BizJets and more.

In October 2015 our flying adventures included 13 different aircraft types, one of which was the Gulfstream III.

We are looking to fly two or three classic BizJets in either Florida, Texas or California.


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